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Favorite Superhero Quote

Ok…it doesn’t have to be a REAL superhero quote…just something they might say.

My favorite is….”Man, it drives me crazy when I get a wiff of bacon cooking and then I realize it’s my super-powerful nose smelling it in another town.”

What’s your favorite Superhero quote?

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  • Simple Statistics

    Number of popsicles I’ve eaten today: 4

    Number of sales calls I’ve gotten today: 5

    Number of times I have used the excuse that my goat is in labor to avoid those sale calls: 4

    Number of times I have had to change the channel for my son today: 3

    Number of times today I had to view my son standing in the bathroom with his ass up in the air: 2

    How many cups of coffee I have had so far: 2

    Number of times my son has asked me what we were doing today: 4

    Number of times I have given serious thought as to what I am going to do today: 1

    Total emails that I have received today that were about my imaginary, extraordinarily small penis: 16…no, wait make that 17

    Total emails received today: 83

    Total emails worth reading: 3

    Total estimated loads of laundry that need to get done today: 6

    Actual loads of laundry that will get done today: 2, lights and darks

    Number of times I have been tripped, jumped on, or butted by one of my animals TODAY: 6

    Number of times today I have stepped in something left behind by one of my animals: 2

    Number of times today my son as screamed at the top of his lungs, for no apparent reason: 7

    Number of times I have checked the temperature outside in disbelief that 85 degrees could feel so miserable: 9

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  • Favorite things to do today

    Checking my lottery numbers to see if I have won 100 million dollars

    Searching the word “cover” on limewire

    Watching Adam and Jamie on a Mythbusters Marathon

    Eating Popsicles one after another

    Avoiding mowing the lawn

    Reading other peoples blogs

    Avoiding the mountain range of laundry that runs from my room to the laundry room

    Googling Survivor to see if I can gather clues to the next show

    Googling Harry Potter to see if I can gather clues to the next book

    Googling Milli Vanilli to see what they are up to now

    Wondering why google/googling is not in the US dictionary yet

    Petitioning for Lindsay Lohan to eat on the website

    Annoying my son by doing all of MY favorite things today and not his

    Editors note: This list is from Sunday. I never posted it because I ended up spending too much time googling stuff.

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  • Hell or High Water

    I now know exactly what my job will be in hell, that is if I don’t make through the pearly gates when I die.

    I will become a public servant for Heaven…but it will be the job that no one wants. When I die, it will be my job to check in all of the little animals that died sad, unfortunate deaths. Over and over, I will have to view all of the sad little faces of animals that never felt a child’s lap, or that may have died from their brains being squished on the road or from slowly starving to death.

    And you think your job sucks right now.

    Truth be told….it breaks my heart that so many animals are destroyed every year. In the country here, we see alot of “backyard negect”. (that’s my catch phase) Neglect where people let their animals run free to get hit by cars or knock up other animals in the neighborhood.

    Seriously folks….get those dogs and cats spayed and neutered.

    “Each year, in the United States, 27 million cats and dogs are born. Between 5 and 8 million of these animals are euthanized because homes are unable to be found for them. It is a tragic end to these young lives. Overpopulation is a problem that results in hundreds of thousands of animals being killed each month. There are many reasons for this – all of which are preventable. The answer to this huge problem is simple: reduce the number of animals coming into this world. The routine procedure of spaying and neutering dogs and cats would result in fewer unwanted animals, thus reducing or eliminating the heartbreaking process of euthanizing innocent animals left in our overcrowded shelters. ”

    Nuf said….

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  • Don’t Forget to Dream

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable, uncatastrophic fourth of July weekend filled with lazy afternoons and barbeques. I also hope that everyone’s fingers and toes are still intact. My weekend was nice and relaxing and very lazy, I can prove it if you come over and look at the state of my house. We have managed to undo two weeks worth of cleaning in one weekend.

    I was able to secure at least one nap this weekend, in between phone calls and fireworks. I would have had two but my imagination got the better of me. I was laying in bed on Monday afternoon, just about to fall asleep when I heard Devin going on yet another imaginative rant about his jet pack and shooting the bad guys, a thing he gets from playing too many violent video games at his tender young age. So, again, I am lying in bed and I started thinking that I could make him a REAL, pretend jetpack and maybe stop him from using my purse as a jet pack.

    The purpose of a nap is to relax, not to think about all the things you COULD or should be doing if you weren’t in bed. Unfortunately, like I said, my imagination got the best of me and I got up out of bed to make my son a jetpack.

    When we were little, we all dreamed of all the things we could do or be, and if we were lucky, we had someone dream with us. I think that dreaming of far away places and unattainable goals is what really keeps us young and happy. Most days I just dream of a clean house, paid bills and healthy loved ones. Many days, I don’t dream at all. Isn’t that sad…and old!?! Today, I will dream…today I am a princess and a zoologist and an international spy.

    What are you today?

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