So….so you gotta know that we are trying to get on a health kick. We exercising more and we’re quitting smoking (again) next week, and eating better. My dear husband saw Paul James (the gardner guy) make some veggie burgers and asked me to try making them. Nice idea, but that simply requires way too much work for me, and besides, there are plenty of veggie burgers on the market.

So…I found something that actually appealed to me, (God bless those good advertising) it was called a Garlic Portabello Mushroom burger. Not a veggie burger, not a soy burger, not a meatless burger…those terms are so unappealing to me.

Anyway, after a brief stay in the frying pan, (only about 6 minutes!) some onion buns and some swiss cheese we laid our trial burgers in front of us. Who was gonna eat first? We rochambeaux’d and of course, I lost. I went first…it was ok…no wait…no..umm…well, I guess it was ok. It was odd, but ok. Mario’s turn. He tried it and analyzed his burger and then said, “You know what this needs?” Then, as if the heavens opened up the mystery of the garlic portabello mushroon burgers to us, we both chimed in at the same time…BACON!

Never the less, we cooked up our bacon, added it to our burger and happily finished them off. Meanwhile, Devin was in the other room, happily, unknowlingly eating his burger.