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3 Presidents and an Email

Today, I received an email that was forwarded (or possibly sent by virus) about the 3 former presidents who deported illegal immigrants “to make jobs for American Citizens who needed jobs”, and how it was such a great idea, and that we don’t do it today because our politicians not “men of honor”. See email.

The Email
Change the names in the email and it reminds me of Propaganda from Nazi Germany. If Nazi Germany had email then, they might have had more success with their campaign. The progaganda in the email is aimed at influencing the ignorant masses.

Do your homework people…
Roosevelt sent a letter to help define what an American was and set forth the guidelines and rules for becoming a true American in the immediate aftermath of the first world war. He said,
“…we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace or origin.”

Truman appointed a commission in 1950 to look into the extent of illegal migration. However, the legislation Truman eventually signed did not help create jobs for returning veterans; in actuality, it protected the rights of Mexican migrant workers hired legally to harvest U.S. crops. When veterans returned home, the economy was booming and there was a great lack of jobs.

Just as an FYI, Truman also veto’d the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 because he thought it to be “un-American” and discriminatory”. In his veto message he said “We do not need to be protected against immigrants from these countries–on the contrary we want to stretch out a helping hand..”

Hoover, who was president from 1929 to 1933, never issued any official documents ordering the deportation of all illegal immigrants, he did initiate actions to reduce immigration INTO the US. There was however a “Repatriation” campaign going on at the same time.

Also conveniently removed from the email was the apology to latino familes, from the same government that enforced much the action, for the “unconstitutional removal and coerced emigration of United States citizens and legal residents of Mexican descent”.

Still support massive deportation? Did you also know that a large portion of people deported during the times were actually legal citizens and that this turned into an ethnic cleansing for many. Hmmm, Hitler again…and we had the nerve to go to war about and what he was doing at about the same time. I guess it was ok then because “WE ARE AMERICANS.” Who got the idea first? Most of those reported “departures” were because people feared for their lives and families and they left on their own accord. The event was also carried out without Due Process. Just in case you didn’t know, the Right of Due Process is from the Fifth Amendment, as in the Constitutional Amendments AKA, Bill of Rights.

It’s call Repatriation, and this country has seen Black Repatriation, Japanese Repatriation, Irish Repatriation, Native American Repatriation, Filipino Repatriation and of course, Mexican Repatriation. Side note, the term repatriation was often used by Communist governments to describe the large scale state sponsored ethnic cleansing actions and expulsion of national groups. So far, I am not feeling real good about this Repatriation.

And you don’t read about this Mexican Repatriation in many history books. Why? Because repatriation is a kind of a dark stain on our country’s history. More dark US History, see Eugenics.


For the record, I think everyone has a right to get up on a soapbox and express their views, key word being THEIR views. If you are going to forward along and email with someone else’s soapbox chatter, research it and give me YOUR opinions too. I don’t mind getting an email full of YOUR words and YOUR opinions. As a matter of fact, I am happy to hear all about YOUR point of view. I am an American who embraces diversity in thought and belief.

You gotta wonder, why DON’T you ever see an email like this with the senders real opinion and commentary? Ok, let me guess. It’s acceptable to send out if someone ELSE wrote it, but not if YOU wrote it. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid that someone might read it? Are we afraid of being wrong? Are we afraid of speaking our own truths? I guess I am afraid as well, because the majority of you will not get this via email.

If you are going to forward another persons opinion today and not your own why not forward mine. At least I did some research and gave an opinion of my OWN words. Commentary welcome, as long as it’s your OWN words.

Still Squinty!


This dog of mine just kills me! I cannot take a picture of him without him squinting. I got this especially nice one last night!


Things are different here in the country

Things are different here in the country…you city folk have the big trash trucks of little boys dreams, that come when you aren’t home and take your trash away to some unknown place….out of site…out of mind. Here in the county, we have to make weekly or bi-monthly trips to the smelly, slimey dump.

To make my trash magically disappear, I have to store the trash for the week at my house. (somewhere on my property, where my dogs or other wild animals won’t get into it) Then, I have to load it up into my car, (we ain’t true country folk, cause we don’t owna a farm use vehicle) and then drive it to the dump….with my windows open as to avoid passing out. At the dump…I have to wait in line….yes….in line, so that I can park and then unload my non-countyr vehicle. The only theraputic part of the “unloading” is being able to “huck” my trash into the county trash building…(nothing like fwinging a 30 pound bag of used kitty litter in the air) The floor is usually slimey and wet…and the dump goo sticks to your shoes and then to your floor mats when you get back into the car! JOY! Yes…the dump is truly a life changing experience. Just part of country life.

I guess it could be worse….I could just leave my trash on the patio hoping that someday, someone will come and pick it up, like this guy.


Sleep…its a good thing

I am sure he hates it when I do this…but I am his mother…who else would do it!??!

Isn’t he cute?
This was too good to NOT post.

He’s Hot

This was taken a while ago…but since I haven’t been posting it has never made it to my site. Here it all its glory. It one of my favorites.


The Little Man

On my way back from taking the boy to school today, sitting at the only light I pass on my way home, I saw an elderly man struggling with a bunch of bags from the local grocery store. The wind was particularly bitter this morning and I could see his hands were cold and shaking. He was a little man, neatly dressed, in his stylish, yet insufficient for the weather, Members Only jacket. His hands were shaking from either the cold or old age. I briefly thought of asking him if he wanted a ride. I drove away because I don’t normally offer rides to strangers, however I decided to turn around. I knew he probably had a bit of a walk before he got home, since we were in the business district of town. When I approached him again, still not set on giving him a ride, he had stopped to put his hands in his pockets to warm them up and was trying to turn away from the wind. I knew then I would ask him if he wanted a ride.

I think he was surprised, although probably grateful, I asked. He got in the car and started rambling about the cold. He was carrying what looked like about 5 jugs of bleach, not water, in plastic grocery bags and my first fleeting thought was that he is buying chemicals to dissolve a dead body. He then said how he was doing something he never thought he would have to do, buy water for drinking.

He was difficult to understand, as most of the old timers around here are, mumbling through a thick bramble of a native accent. I didn’t understand about half of what he was saying even though I was intently listening for hints that I should eject him from my car. Although he was clean shaven and neatly dressed, there was a funk about him when he got in the car. Not quite describable, not of urine or alcohol or smoke, as many people around here do smell, just an unpleasant smell, truthfully, not much worse than my car. His hair was neatly groomed and cut, probably from social visits to the local friendly barber. His round eyes shone through an abundance of wrinkles. He did have one bad eye. One eye was a worn blue that many elderly people have and the other was a solid pale yellow. It was crusted, like when you wake up with a cold. I focused my attention on the good eye, so I wouldn’t make him feel uncomfortable. I wanted to ask how he lost the eye.

He said he was thankful for the ride and told me where he lived, on the main strip in town, but certainly a nasty walk carrying 5 jugs of water in the cold. On the short drive he rambled again about the cold and how he used to go to school barefoot in weather colder than this because his daddy had to have one more drink. He recounted of how he quit drinking and smoking recently and he did it all in one day because the Lord helped him and how more people ‘round here need to listen more to the Lord. I just listened.

We arrived quickly at his house, a small, run-down house behind one of the larger buildings in town. There were some fragile steps that lead to the front door and a recliner on the porch. He gathered his bags and I asked him his name and he said Roy and blessed me for the ride home.

Hay! A new record


We went to get hay yesterday, a unfortunate event that happens at least twice a year, and we set a new record for us! Normally, I get about 16 bales of hay on my father-in-laws shortbed Nissan Frontier. Last year, I ran out of hay early…not good….so this year we really wanted to get as much cheap hay as possible. We were able to load up 23 bales of hay on that little truck! You should have seen us driving down the road! Either way…this is what it looked like when we got home.

It’s been a long time….

Dang…its been too long since I posted. After that last lame post, I got a job! It has been a whirlwind since then. I started working because I had too much time and no money and now I have money and no time! (Well, I am paying the bills…I still don’t have much leftover.)

I am working at a call center that is located in my little town. We take calls for an insurance company, WellCare. They do government insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid. I am a trainer for new agents. It keeps me busy. There is alot to know about Medicare, more on that later though.

Devin is enjoying his summer vacation. He did us proud this year at school. He was on Honor Roll and he also made it into the “gifted” program. He is reading like a grown up and his new love is Calvin and Hobbs.

The animals are good, I am expecting a set of unexpected goat babies any day now. I’ll post pictures when they get here. I am hoping for 2 little ones….normally she has one baby, but her last litter (ha!) she had four! I just hope for heathly animals. The babies are unexpected because I gave her to a friend and she gave her back to me pregnant. Even she didn’t know she was preggers.

Enough for now…I’ll get back in the swing of things and post more often now.

National Duran Duran Day

It’s National Duran Duran Day! I don’t know which nation would actually be celebrating it or who, and what exactly they would be doing to celebrate it, but somebody thought of it…and it is today. So, get out your big hair, put on those cropped jackets and crank up the tunes. It’s National Duran Duran Day.

The Firsts of First

Today was the first day of school for Devin. The first day of First grade! We woke up early, got dressed and then came out to watch TV for a while. Last year, he wouldn’t be dressed and actually watching tv until about 7:30, but this time, for some unknown reason, I had him up and dressed and eating breakfast (another first) by 6:55! (yet another first!) We got up at the same time we normally do, I guess we were just better planned this morning.


He had time to watch 2 of his favorite shows, one of which being PeeWee’s playhouse. Normallly, I laugh my ass off watching it with him , but today I am a little irritated because I have the song “Deep in the Heart of Texas” stuck in my head. Cowboy Curtis, a.k.a. Larry (Lawrence) Fishbourne…no really!….was singing during the episode. (my favorite bit from PeeWee right now, is his giant underpants bit) Anyway, we got all ready to go, I put a little note in his lunch bag and off to the bus we went. Early again! ( another first!)

As he was waiting for the bus I realized that he looked so grown up. Maybe it was the new outfit we got for school or his new haircut, but he looked more like a young man than ever this morning. Quite handsome too, if I might add.

So, I loaded him up on the bus and off he went on a wonderful learning adventure….and out of my hair! I couldn’t resist doing a little dance after the bus pulled away. (far enough that his little friends couldn’t see me) I’m free…I’m free….I’m free! Hooray! I was happy….that is until I noticed the lady driving a car behind the bus laughing at my little dance.


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