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Things I miss about San Diego

June Gloom

Board & Brew‘s Tomato Bisque Soup

Happy Hour


Being able to find a job that doesn’t consist of retail, fast food or factory, shift work

People with IQ’s above 110


Mexican Landscapers

Running into people on the street who will get into heaven not because they believe in God, but because they are better looking than than God.

Drivers who know when to get the fuck out of my way.


Seeing people with skin pigmentation of different shades

Knowing people who are in a band

Rubio’s Fish Tacos and Wienerschnitzel

Being able to check my mail without having to drive to the mailbox

Friends and co-workers that don’t have fur or feathers

Hot Doughnuts in the mornings

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  • Coolidge

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    1. Choose a band/artist:

    2. Answer each question using the title of a song by that band/artist

    3. Are you male or female:
    80’s Girl

    4. Describe yourself:
    Jealous of the World

    5. How do some people feel about you?
    RockStar/I am not a loser

    6. How do you feel about yourself?
    I don’t want to grow up

    7. Describe your ex boyfriend / girlfriend:
    Sad State of affair

    8. Describe current boyfriend / girlfriend:
    Cool to be you

    9. Describe where you want to be:
    Here with me

    10. Describe how you live:
    Pep Talk

    11. Describe how you love:

    12. What would you ask for if you had just one wish?
    Clean Sheets

    13. Share a few words of Wisdom:
    Can;t go back

    14. Now say goodbye:
    I quit

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  • Waaaa!!!

    The stupid fucker came home and now he won’t leave! waaaa! He even worked from home and annoyed me all day! (When does he leave for fencing camp again? :))

    (just kidding…glad you’re back sweetie…and safe)

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  • Snif

    My sweetie is gone for the weekend….I will miss him and his naggy, whiney, little butt. Isn’t he be-u-tee-full?


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  • Squinty Puppy

    This is JD

    Squinty Puppy

    JD doesn’t obviously doesn’t like flashy things.

    Smart Puppy

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  • Wine Choices of the Week

    Of the week?!?…yeah, like I will post with a new wine choice every week, it just sounded better than the wine choice of the moment.

    I was at a new friends house and discovered that she likes Riesling wines as well. She had a bottle and gracously opened it for our afternoon at the pool. It was a nice bottle of wine, not my top pick, but very light, dry, lightly-sweet and smooth. It was a little higher in alcohol than most Rieslings I drink, I couldn’t have but a small glass since I had to drive home later. This wine can be found in most grocery stores in the Mid-Atlantic and runs about $10.00 a bottle. its a good bottle for someone who wants a refreshing wine but doesn’t want something sugary sweet.

    Biltmore Estate Riesling

    Another wine that I recently discovered is from Hans Schiller and is a German Riesling. I love Rieslings and I especially love them in the summer. They just seem to go with the warm air and light food.

    This wine is a bit sweeter than the Biltmore Riesling. Its a little harder to find but worth trying if you do. It is a Spatlese from Piesporter Michelsberg. (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer) The vineyard is Hans Schiller. I couldn’t find a photo of the label, but I will add one if I find one. This wine is a great find at only about $7.00 a bottle! It is a QmP rated wine (highest) which is why I think its a steal. The same vineyard also has an Auslese, but I haven’t tried that.

    I could go into details about each wine, the aromas, textures and flavors, but I decided to leave this simple. If you get a chance to try either wine and you like the lighter, sweeter whites, you might find that these are your new favorites as well.

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  • The Other Side

    Know what I love about the country? Today, I saw a chicken cross the road. (sorry, I was driving so I couldn’t take a pic) I really, really wanted to ask him why.

    On the lighter side of things….if your an Alton BRown fan, be sure not to miss this. I just died!

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  • I dream myself alive

    I like to dream and almost always look forward to it like an interesting movie at the very least. I do have some really intense dreams, and terrible nightmares, but they don’t bother me as much anymore because I figured out how to wake myself up from a dream. Now, I don’t know if this is a totally common occurrence because I don’t go around asking people what they dreamed about or what happened, but I never hear of people doing waking themselves up and doing it regularly. I did google it and I didn’t get any decent hits except for (Everything you wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask) which I will further investigate. I do know that people will try to wake themselves up and will do it occasionally, but I wonder if they do what I do and play with the fact that they can wake themselves up and then use it in their dreams.

    This is the dream I had this morning as I remember it. I was at a house with some other people, no one I know of, and there was a buzz about something over in the city or over at the coast that was headed our way, and it was bad. Kinda like an alien invasion that hasn’t gotten here yet. I have lots of intense, scary dreams about alien invasions. I remembered being in a car driving to check it out with a bunch of people and then back at the house trying to figure out what it was and what to do. I was with a dark haired girl who was very scared, and I was trying to calm her down and figure out a safe place to be or what to do about the impending doom. That went on for a long time and then as the thing got closer, (it was very Stephen King-ish…lol) she started to freak out. Whatever was headed our way was like a dust storm and you could see if getting closer. I then realized that this was a dream and I tried to convince her that it was a dream. I tried showing her that I could do weird things to prove it was a dream, like jump really high or to show her the things that weren’t normal around us. Then I told her that I would wake myself up and then come back to prove it and that she needed to wake herself up too. I can go back to the same dream most of the time if I don’t wake up for a long enough time. See, I always figure that if I am awake, then I can’t be in the dream, so I naturally assume that I would technically disappear and then reappear in the dream. (stop laughing…this is a dream you know!) So I woke myself up, moved the cat off my legs, looked at the clock and wondered why Mario wasn’t up and then went back to sleep. When I came back to the dream, she still wasn’t convinced! She was pissing me off. Eventually, I just told everyone to close up the house really tight and go into the basement and they might be safe. The last thing I remember before I actually got out of bed was closing all of the windows and thinking of how hot it would be in the house after a few hours! It never dawned on me during the dream that she was just an element of my dream.

    That is a typical dream for me. I really hate those dreams where you wake up feeling in love with or attracted to someone you shouldn’t be, like the mailman or that old boyfriend you hate. Why is it always someone odd and not someone totally hot. Why can’t I have dreams of wedded, wealthy happiness, (with lots of great sex) with someone like Dermot Mulroney or Johnny Depp? Hell, I’d even take a hot dream with Katherine McPhee over the crabby guy who bags my groceries. (I know all you small town people (Cory!) are now trying to figure out who I am talking about, but let me assure you that these references are merely for explanation, the real people I’ve dreamed about would never make written pages…that’s waaaay too embarrassing.)

    What did you dream last night?

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