Of the week?!?…yeah, like I will post with a new wine choice every week, it just sounded better than the wine choice of the moment.

I was at a new friends house and discovered that she likes Riesling wines as well. She had a bottle and gracously opened it for our afternoon at the pool. It was a nice bottle of wine, not my top pick, but very light, dry, lightly-sweet and smooth. It was a little higher in alcohol than most Rieslings I drink, I couldn’t have but a small glass since I had to drive home later. This wine can be found in most grocery stores in the Mid-Atlantic and runs about $10.00 a bottle. its a good bottle for someone who wants a refreshing wine but doesn’t want something sugary sweet.

Biltmore Estate Riesling

Another wine that I recently discovered is from Hans Schiller and is a German Riesling. I love Rieslings and I especially love them in the summer. They just seem to go with the warm air and light food.

This wine is a bit sweeter than the Biltmore Riesling. Its a little harder to find but worth trying if you do. It is a Spatlese from Piesporter Michelsberg. (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer) The vineyard is Hans Schiller. I couldn’t find a photo of the label, but I will add one if I find one. This wine is a great find at only about $7.00 a bottle! It is a QmP rated wine (highest) which is why I think its a steal. The same vineyard also has an Auslese, but I haven’t tried that.

I could go into details about each wine, the aromas, textures and flavors, but I decided to leave this simple. If you get a chance to try either wine and you like the lighter, sweeter whites, you might find that these are your new favorites as well.