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Witty and Charming

You know….all morning I have been trying to think of something witty and charming to post about, but dammit, I just don’t feel witty and charming. I think I am fighting some kind of infection from sticking a pair of pruning shears into my knee. Maybe it’s just a bug of laziness, either way, I still don’t feel witty and charming. Luckily, we have corporate commercial America to keep us up when we feel down.

My latest obsession has been entering sweepstakes. While browsing the latest in celebrity gossip, I saw a banner for a sweepstakes that I felt compelled to enter. (And this new obsession is probably going to land me on every mailing list on the internet) I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw….and luckily it was good enough to share….even if you don’t enter the sweepstakes, which I didn’t because it actually required me to get off my ass and mail something. Here is the link of what I saw…

Not sure which is my favorite, they are all quite amusing. So amusing, in fact, that I decided to share it with Devin, a mistake I regretted afterwards. Devin kept shouting “do it again mom! Hooray! Now the top one!” Just like that commercial for the minivan crashing with the 2 kids….now the red one Bob! What about your car?

At least I am still witty and charming to him.

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  • No Free Lunches

    No one to email when the refrigerator gets stinky from mystery leftovers

    Too many quiet places to take a nap

    No one to call when the internet connection is slow

    Arthur, Barney, and Callou

    No handy soda machine with juicy choices for a nice cold beverage

    14 mile drive to get a cold soda of my choice

    I now own more pieces of sleepwear than workwear

    Impulse Naps

    My car now looks more like my old cubicle

    Naps to recover from my impulse naps

    No one to complain to when the coffee is gone…ok there wasn’t any one before but at least there was someone to hear me bitch about it

    No one offers to pick up lunch when I am buried in work

    14 mile drive for 1 fast food restaurant

    The litter box

    Not sleeping at night from too many naps

    Too much time alone with a box of popsicles

    My couch

    No free lunches

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  • Guilty or Not Guilty

    For the last several months, I have been feeling terribly guilty for not taking time out of my day to make blog entries. I don’t know how my husband finds time to do it everyday when he can’t find time to feed the dog or rotate recliners every night to avoid creating a butt-groove in our new sofa.

    His blogs are always full of insight and humor and interesting subjects, it just makes me want to move his favorite shoes over to the corner where the cat likes to puke. His days must be so intriguing to provoke such literary genius, well, either that or his job just lacks enough intrigue to keep him from doing it. His genius and intrigue is why I fell in love with him, well, that and his extraordinarily, large shoe size.

    I must not be guilty of being so boring, boring makes you old. I must try to be interesting again, I must try to find the humor in everyday life and it’s daily challenges….or at least find humor in other peoples everyday lives and daily challenges.

    Now you can do one of two things…you can visit the site tomorrow and see if I have posted anything new or you can visit it in two months to see my next post.

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