For the last several months, I have been feeling terribly guilty for not taking time out of my day to make blog entries. I don’t know how my husband finds time to do it everyday when he can’t find time to feed the dog or rotate recliners every night to avoid creating a butt-groove in our new sofa.

His blogs are always full of insight and humor and interesting subjects, it just makes me want to move his favorite shoes over to the corner where the cat likes to puke. His days must be so intriguing to provoke such literary genius, well, either that or his job just lacks enough intrigue to keep him from doing it. His genius and intrigue is why I fell in love with him, well, that and his extraordinarily, large shoe size.

I must not be guilty of being so boring, boring makes you old. I must try to be interesting again, I must try to find the humor in everyday life and it’s daily challenges….or at least find humor in other peoples everyday lives and daily challenges.

Now you can do one of two things…you can visit the site tomorrow and see if I have posted anything new or you can visit it in two months to see my next post.