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Still Squinty!


This dog of mine just kills me! I cannot take a picture of him without him squinting. I got this especially nice one last night!


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  • Things are different here in the country

    Things are different here in the country…you city folk have the big trash trucks of little boys dreams, that come when you aren’t home and take your trash away to some unknown place….out of site…out of mind. Here in the county, we have to make weekly or bi-monthly trips to the smelly, slimey dump.

    To make my trash magically disappear, I have to store the trash for the week at my house. (somewhere on my property, where my dogs or other wild animals won’t get into it) Then, I have to load it up into my car, (we ain’t true country folk, cause we don’t owna a farm use vehicle) and then drive it to the dump….with my windows open as to avoid passing out. At the dump…I have to wait in line….yes….in line, so that I can park and then unload my non-countyr vehicle. The only theraputic part of the “unloading” is being able to “huck” my trash into the county trash building…(nothing like fwinging a 30 pound bag of used kitty litter in the air) The floor is usually slimey and wet…and the dump goo sticks to your shoes and then to your floor mats when you get back into the car! JOY! Yes…the dump is truly a life changing experience. Just part of country life.

    I guess it could be worse….I could just leave my trash on the patio hoping that someday, someone will come and pick it up, like this guy.


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