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Hey, This is Cool!

Hey, this thing is kinda cool *and* my hubby did a kick ass job of putting it all together. He mentioned something about a having a bunch of problems and how he fixed them (it kinda went over my head, so I just did the interested nod thing) and well, I think he deserves three cheers. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Great job sweetie!

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  • Give an Inch and they take a mile! I said to my DH, “Make a weblog on my site.”……And this is what I get. Ummm, hello people, I haven’t looked THAT good since before my son was born! Sigh…oh well, I guess it’s best that DH has that illusion of me. Do *you* think he’ll think that when I am really old and shrivelly? (is THAT even a word?)

    Well anyway, what’s done is done. I’ll fix it later. For now, welcome to my stupid weblog….but since it’s using bBlog, I guess I’ll have to start calling it that. Here, you find all sorts of really boring things that are going on in my boring life! Unfortunately, not much is going on right now anyway. I am busy packing candles to drag off to the Apple Dumpling Festival and fighting a cold. I’ll check back tomorrow when I may actually have something interesting to say! Toodles…

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