No one to email when the refrigerator gets stinky from mystery leftovers

Too many quiet places to take a nap

No one to call when the internet connection is slow

Arthur, Barney, and Callou

No handy soda machine with juicy choices for a nice cold beverage

14 mile drive to get a cold soda of my choice

I now own more pieces of sleepwear than workwear

Impulse Naps

My car now looks more like my old cubicle

Naps to recover from my impulse naps

No one to complain to when the coffee is gone…ok there wasn’t any one before but at least there was someone to hear me bitch about it

No one offers to pick up lunch when I am buried in work

14 mile drive for 1 fast food restaurant

The litter box

Not sleeping at night from too many naps

Too much time alone with a box of popsicles

My couch

No free lunches