Today was the first day of school for Devin. The first day of First grade! We woke up early, got dressed and then came out to watch TV for a while. Last year, he wouldn’t be dressed and actually watching tv until about 7:30, but this time, for some unknown reason, I had him up and dressed and eating breakfast (another first) by 6:55! (yet another first!) We got up at the same time we normally do, I guess we were just better planned this morning.


He had time to watch 2 of his favorite shows, one of which being PeeWee’s playhouse. Normallly, I laugh my ass off watching it with him , but today I am a little irritated because I have the song “Deep in the Heart of Texas” stuck in my head. Cowboy Curtis, a.k.a. Larry (Lawrence) Fishbourne…no really!….was singing during the episode. (my favorite bit from PeeWee right now, is his giant underpants bit) Anyway, we got all ready to go, I put a little note in his lunch bag and off to the bus we went. Early again! ( another first!)

As he was waiting for the bus I realized that he looked so grown up. Maybe it was the new outfit we got for school or his new haircut, but he looked more like a young man than ever this morning. Quite handsome too, if I might add.

So, I loaded him up on the bus and off he went on a wonderful learning adventure….and out of my hair! I couldn’t resist doing a little dance after the bus pulled away. (far enough that his little friends couldn’t see me) I’m free…I’m free….I’m free! Hooray! I was happy….that is until I noticed the lady driving a car behind the bus laughing at my little dance.