I hope everyone had an enjoyable, uncatastrophic fourth of July weekend filled with lazy afternoons and barbeques. I also hope that everyone’s fingers and toes are still intact. My weekend was nice and relaxing and very lazy, I can prove it if you come over and look at the state of my house. We have managed to undo two weeks worth of cleaning in one weekend.

I was able to secure at least one nap this weekend, in between phone calls and fireworks. I would have had two but my imagination got the better of me. I was laying in bed on Monday afternoon, just about to fall asleep when I heard Devin going on yet another imaginative rant about his jet pack and shooting the bad guys, a thing he gets from playing too many violent video games at his tender young age. So, again, I am lying in bed and I started thinking that I could make him a REAL, pretend jetpack and maybe stop him from using my purse as a jet pack.

The purpose of a nap is to relax, not to think about all the things you COULD or should be doing if you weren’t in bed. Unfortunately, like I said, my imagination got the best of me and I got up out of bed to make my son a jetpack.

When we were little, we all dreamed of all the things we could do or be, and if we were lucky, we had someone dream with us. I think that dreaming of far away places and unattainable goals is what really keeps us young and happy. Most days I just dream of a clean house, paid bills and healthy loved ones. Many days, I don’t dream at all. Isn’t that sad…and old!?! Today, I will dream…today I am a princess and a zoologist and an international spy.

What are you today?