Checking my lottery numbers to see if I have won 100 million dollars

Searching the word “cover” on limewire

Watching Adam and Jamie on a Mythbusters Marathon

Eating Popsicles one after another

Avoiding mowing the lawn

Reading other peoples blogs

Avoiding the mountain range of laundry that runs from my room to the laundry room

Googling Survivor to see if I can gather clues to the next show

Googling Harry Potter to see if I can gather clues to the next book

Googling Milli Vanilli to see what they are up to now

Wondering why google/googling is not in the US dictionary yet

Petitioning for Lindsay Lohan to eat on the website

Annoying my son by doing all of MY favorite things today and not his

Editors note: This list is from Sunday. I never posted it because I ended up spending too much time googling stuff.