I now know exactly what my job will be in hell, that is if I don’t make through the pearly gates when I die.

I will become a public servant for Heaven…but it will be the job that no one wants. When I die, it will be my job to check in all of the little animals that died sad, unfortunate deaths. Over and over, I will have to view all of the sad little faces of animals that never felt a child’s lap, or that may have died from their brains being squished on the road or from slowly starving to death.

And you think your job sucks right now.

Truth be told….it breaks my heart that so many animals are destroyed every year. In the country here, we see alot of “backyard negect”. (that’s my catch phase) Neglect where people let their animals run free to get hit by cars or knock up other animals in the neighborhood.

Seriously folks….get those dogs and cats spayed and neutered.

“Each year, in the United States, 27 million cats and dogs are born. Between 5 and 8 million of these animals are euthanized because homes are unable to be found for them. It is a tragic end to these young lives. Overpopulation is a problem that results in hundreds of thousands of animals being killed each month. There are many reasons for this – all of which are preventable. The answer to this huge problem is simple: reduce the number of animals coming into this world. The routine procedure of spaying and neutering dogs and cats would result in fewer unwanted animals, thus reducing or eliminating the heartbreaking process of euthanizing innocent animals left in our overcrowded shelters. ”

Nuf said….