Today and yesterday have been almost a complete waste of time. You see, my son has been home sick, not the kind of sick where he lays in bed all day and I tend to his every need, but the kind of sick where he just annoys the crap out of me and the school won’t take him back. I can’t clean anything because he is following right behind me messing everything up or asking me to do this and do that for him. Mom, play XBox with me….mom, I’m hungary….mom, I don’t wanna eat that, make me something else….mom….mom…mom.

This evening, he decided that he wanted to play army dude with his mother, stupidly not realizing that this mommy doesn’t play army dude with ANYONE. We had an arguement for a half an hour over the subject. Then he pipes in, I do stuff for you, now you have to do stuff for me. Fine, army dude it is.

I proceed to hunt him down and shoot the crap out of him several times….(the little bastard just won’t die!) Then, when we’ve played for about 20 minutes, I insisted that he pick up his crap in the living room, to which he replies no, he already did something for me today and he isn’t going to do anything more……so I shot him again.