Stupid me left a huge bucket outside a few weeks ago, in the rain and the frogs came out to spawn. They left me with a wealth of fresh frog eggs that, of course, I didn’t notice until I had a swarm of pollywogs. With my sweet nature, I usually can’t kill anything, especially anything in numbers, so I let them live trying to figure out what to do next. The mosquitos hadn’t found the bucket yet so it wasn’t a big concern.

The other day I noticed that we had mosquito larve and that was enough, it was time to dump the bucket. Awwww….but there were still some pollywogs in the bottom. Fortunately, most were eaten by other frogs or had died in the heat so I was only left with about 15 pollywogs. Hmmm, what to do?

I could fish them out and take them down to a river, but someone might see me and think I was dumping something bad or just plain see me and laugh. I could just dump it and kill them. (last year we tried giving some to the chickens but they weren’t interested)

No, this time I was to be a cool mom and give Devin a new pet….well, several new pets. He’s been buggging me about a fish, but a fish is so permenant. (we tend to have goldfish that grow to the size of small koi and live for years) A pollywog is a good idea! It will only be with us for a few weeks and if they die, they were no worse off anyway.

So, I just spent the last half hour fishing pollywogs out of this big bucket with a 6 oz. glass, draining each part carefully so I didn’t miss any of the little guys. Can I just say, eeeww?!?! Anyway, this is the result. They are kinda cute too, big eyes pressed up against the glass…, say hello to our little friends.