Devin has really been into Popeye lately, which is kinda cool, because I have fond memories of watching Popeye as a child myself, the theme song always reminds me of watching TV over breakfast in the morning before school.

The other night, we spent the evening tasting some Popeye brand spinach, (yes, somebody cashed in on that market!) which he didn’t like too much, but kept eating it so that he could beat me at arm wrestling. 🙂 The things we subject ourselves to for the good of our children! Imagine, ME letting anyone win anything!

So, anyway, today, we were driving our normal 1/2 hour trip to the store in Mt. Airy, and having a great conversation on the way. Which, if you are a parent, can be a very good thing or a very bad thing! (I’ve also had to listen to him hum the entire Star Wars theme over and over for 25 miles!) Sorry, I digress, during our conversaion, he stops suddenly, looks at me very seriously , as if to search out my parental wisdom and asks, “Mommy, do you really get little pictures on your bumps when you eat a whole can of spinach?”