Today, my son was asked to leave Preschool for the remainder of the day. What’s a parent to do?

I know that most of his behavior is due to lack of sleep and probably hunger. He fell asleep early last night and we didn’t have any luck on getting him up so that he didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately, dawn came too soon. He was up at 3:00 AM! He was good and just sat on the couch watching cartoons, but he never did fall back asleep, I was worried about how he would handle the rest of the day, with good reason, he had his preschool class this afternoon.

Just before preschool, I tried to get him to eat lunch, with no luck, he’s not a big eater most of the time, and I just knew there was going to be trouble. I warned his teachers and said to call me if necessary.

About an hour into school I got a call, sigh. Come and get him. Appearently, he was being very loud, obnoxious and defiant, not to mention the fact that he threw a toy at another little boys head, twice!

When he’s older, he can tell everyone about the day he got sent home from pre-school. Days like these make me thrilled to be a parent…………