I am not quite sure if I am happy about this or not. I was taking Devin to a function at church with a bunch of other kids. When we got there, they loaded in the bus, and it was soon appearant that he was much liked as all of the kids we’re happy to see him. Before I ended up leaving, they we’re fighting over who gets to sit by him and chanting his name. CHANTING his name….I mean really, he’s not Krishna or buddha.

When I was his age I was a complete dork, I personally think that the kids went out of their way to not even SAY my name! I had try go out and MAKE my friends and work HARD to keep them from converting to the cool kids. No friend handouts for me. Then again….by time I was in high school, I was hardened and cold by my experiences…which at that time was, of course, cool! But even when I WAS cool, no one ever chanted MY name, and people still don’t wanna sit next to me on the bus.

Must be the stupid little town.