Ok…I’ll admit it to the few people who read my blog….I am a dork! What? That’s not news to you. Gee…thanks.

Anyway, Mario and I decided to buy survivor buffs. Not so much cause we’re big survivor fans, but more because the buff itself was really cool. Since, I do alot of chores before I shower, like gardening, I really wanted something to cover my wild hair, not to mention help keep spiders out of it (the ones from gardening, smart ass). You see, I get these little hair gnomes that visit me in the night and really fuck up my hair. Short hair or long hair…it doesn’t matter..they still fuck it up real good. With the buff, I can cover my hair and protect my nice color from the sun and protect those who might drop in from my witchie poo hair. Granted, it won’t spare me the humilation of wearing a survivor buff, but maybe these back woods people will actually think I am cool instead!

I only wish I would have known about this site www.buffusa.com before I had bought a survivor buff. They have a great collection of really cool buffs. That will be my next purchase.

What’s that….post a picture? Um…no….geez and I thought you knew me well. You know that if I have to wear the buff I haven’t showered and I don’t think that a picture exists of me before a shower, except from the few that were taken on the day my son was born and I am still trying to find the strength to burn those….but that is another post.