Damn….husband is away again. He’s at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and he’ll be gone for more than a week. Sigh…I don’t really miss him yet…but I *AM* a big mess without him. It’s the first full day that he has been gone and here I am at 7 o’clock at night still in my pajamas and I can’t even tell you truthfully if I’ve even brushed my teeth! I think I did…but I can’t even remember…and right now they feel like I haven’t brushed them in weeks. I’ve managed to watch 2 episodes of The Practice (my new thing), 3 episodes of What Not to Wear, and Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days. I’ve spent a few hours researching why call centers in India are a bad thing, wrestled with the dogs a few times, harassed the goats and chickens and even slipped in a short nap in this afternoon. I also googled most of my high school friends and even sent a few emails out hoping to reach them and hoping they’ll want to contact me back.

I had 2 things on my “to do” list today and I still haven’t gotten them done. One was getting the laundry, from last week, out of the basket and off the treadmill. The other was to use the treadmill. I still don’t know if either will get done today or not, which is why I think it’s a good thing that I am not single. I’d probably end up living in a trailer with a bunch of cats and a house robe that never leaves my body. That man keeps me honest and on my toes. Good thing he’s coming back….you ARE coming back aren’t you Mario?