Weeee….I got my spring preview order in from Gold Canyon. Just what I needed to brighten my day! For those of you who don’t know, I am a distributor for Gold Canyon Candles. (and if you don’t know…these candles ROCK!) If you burn candles and like to actually smell them…find a rep near you.

Anyway, getting my spring preview is like getting 5 huge boxes for your birthday. I sat and opened stuff off and on all day, and I just LOVE some of the new stuff. The new scents are Grass, Juniper and Peony. I like the grass and juniper.

So I finally unpacked all my goodies and now I get to organize my room AGAIN! What fun for a control, neat-freak like me! Wanna see my office? Well, part of it really.

Sweet, huh? I can go shopping IN MY OWN HOUSE! It’s fuckin’ brillant, and it’s a tax write off!

I think that I shall take some time off to admire my organization before my team starts calling me for orders.