Weee….I got my first real veggies of the year! They are sooo beautiful. See!

In California, if you tried to grow something from seed, you had to pamper it and water and wish and hope that it might grow. It’s amazing out here in VA, you can’t stop life from happening! Everything just fights to grow! You can’t stop life and mother nature. So far this year I’ve found 2 tomato plants in areas that I didn’t plant, 3 squash plants and tons of flowers that spawned from last years flowers. Even the frogs multiply like a plague! I have a small pond in my garden that is simply there to collect the run off from my air conditioner and it has been spawned by a little froggie. It is kind of disgusting, frog eggs are not fun to fish out of a pond, but I am still amazed that you can’t stop life from happening.

And yes, I am sure that soon enough I will have tadpoles in my pond as well as my pool. Stay tuned for updates on the babies!