I’ve been thinking alot lately about a new hobby, cooking has been the obvious chioce. Problem is that I don’t want to ‘just’ cook, I want to learn to cook, so just trying new recipes and such isn’t really what I want. I’ve been watching alot of the Fine Living channel and learning alot about wine. I’ve always fancied wine, unfortunately I, like most everyone else, I really don’t really know a good wine from a bad wine except by price….and I am not talking about a two-buck-chuck wine. (you CAN find an enjoyable bottle of wine for $10)

This leads me to what I wanna do when I grow up!! I wanna become a sommelier. Yeah, I know…what IS that?…don’t feel bad, eithier you know it or you don’t…and shit, I can barely say it. Well, if you intimidate me, I CAN’T say it! A sommelier is simply a wine steward or for the more affluent, a cellermaster. Its’ someone who imparts their vast knowledge and love of wine to their customer. Doing this would certainly be a challenge to even start as a new hobby since I have neither any real knowledge of wine nor any customers!


The fact of the matter is that if I could go back to work, I would first go to school to be a sommelier, but we all know that won’t happen because one, I am trapped at home now, and two we live in the sticks and the nicest restaurant we have in town is a mexican food place, and frankly, you can go in there in your pajamas and no one would notice.

Wouldn’t that just be the coolest job ever? Get paid to hang around and talk to customers and make them feel happy and tell then waht to drink AND get to drink lots of free, fine wine. Sweet! Maybe when I learn more about wine I’ll make a wine corner and recommend my fair to you!